Zero is the Goal

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Zero is th goal stop pedestrian incidents from happeningOne is too many. Zero is the goal. We are talking about lives injured or lost, especially when its preventable.

Our vision is to help stop it from happening

In the news of late are some awful traffic incidents where pedestrians have been struck. That’s devastating news no one wants to hear.


This is, what drove our decision to try and prevent this from happening with our new Be Seen Visibility Project. The aim is to help shed light, both literally and figuratively, on the issue.

We’re not taking sides in this often heated debate between modes of transportation. In fact, we think co-operation, mutual respect and understanding will go a long way to preventing the worst from happening. Zero is the goal we think all parties can agree upon. And, to reach that goal of zero, everyone, no matter what mode of transportation used, has to take part in getting there.

Let’s start with facts to understand the current situation:
We don’t usually focus on math, but in this case, its important to consider some relevant and reliable numbers, courtesy of the national Census and Transport Canada. These help us understand what is going on. There is good news and bad:

That means there is just slightly under 1 vehicle per person in the country. If you consider there are about 25 million licensed drivers, that is more than 1 vehicle for each driver.

Collision Course:
We are moving in the right direction. From 1996 to 2015 Transport Canada reports the good news: the total number of reported road collisions, fatalities and personal injuries has been going down. The pink line shows this positive trend in the chart below.

Pedestrians are the not so good news

If zero is the goal, we are still a long way off. The number of incidents involving pedestrians has remained about the same since 2011. In the latest year reported by Transport Canada, 15.2% of fatalities and 14.3% of serious injury from all reported road collisions in Canada were pedestrians.

In other words, pedestrians are an increasing proportion of those injured or killed on our roads. Add to that, about 2.5% of fatalities and 4.7% of serious injuries from collisions were sustained by cyclists in 2015.

Most of this, is preventable.

Will you join us and be a “Zero Hero”?

We’re working on small solutions with big results. Everyone can participate in the Trimtag Be Seen Visibility Project: drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, schools, city planners, companies, etc.

We need your help get these numbers to zero. Are you ready to play a part in prevention? Join us to be first to hear more about our plans.

Zip, zilch, nil, nada, none … in this case we are setting the bar low. Zero is the goal!