Accessories to make your uniform distinct

Customize your kit with unique uniform accessories

TrimTag supplies custom uniform accessories such as buttons, buckles, and badge wallets

We create the details to set you apart.

Distinguishing elements like buttons, belts, buckles, tie pins and bars are all uniform accessories TrimTag can customize with your insignia logo. We can also supply other dress and duty uniform items such as leather badge wallets, as well as leather gloves and cotton dickies.

With our extensive global supply chain and design services, we have the resources to access most any type of custom uniform accessories you might need to complete your kit.

Custom uniform accessories

How to customize your uniform accessories

We can incorporate your insignia to customize all the finishing details of your uniform accessories. Our mission is to provide you with seamless one-stop service to develop and deliver custom insignia items to complete your uniforms. Bring us your ideas and we will get to work to design and source all the accessories to complete the total look you are after. Just some of the possibilities include:

  • DESIGN: colours, shapes and sizes
  • MATERIALS: metal, leather, fabric
  • METHODS: printed, woven, heat transfers, engraving, stamping
  • FINISHING: choice of attachment types for various uniform applications