TrimTag produces official metal identification badges for paramedics, police, fire and other public safety and security organizations

Uniform Insignia

Metal Badges

We respect and protect the integrity of your official metal badges

Official metal badges are among the most important uniform insignia identification items. As a key element of those wearing your uniform, we understand the importance of protecting badge integrity and security. Many organizations, including fire, emergency services and law enforcement trust TrimTag as their custom metal badge supplier.

Types of metal badges

TrimTag produces different types of official badges identifying your organization, along with the units, specialists, and ranks within it. We supply custom metal cap, chest, and wallet badges. Adding names, numbers or units can distinguish individual badges with engraving, enamel or printing. We also offer options for attaching badges to uniforms, as well as custom-fitted badge wallet holders.

Security and trust

TrimTag insists on using procedures to account for every badge in your order, whether held as blanks, or after engraving or enameling. Tracking every single item allows us to give clients full confidence in the security and integrity of the official metal badges we produce for them.

Building our reputation comes from consistent and accurate reproduction of the most detailed metal badges at competitive prices. We do this by working closely with our established supply chain of capable specialists. Earning your trust comes with the responsibility of monitoring every badge order for security, quality and timely delivery. 

How to customize metal badges

TrimTag offers a seamless one-stop development process. Maximizing your investment in a new badge design comes from our ability to customize elements in different ways.

Creating a 3-D design to the badge shape and size you require, with colours and textures all being customizable. Producing badges as blanks allows for individual names, units or numbers to be added. We consider the back of your badge and how it is attached to be just as important as the face.

Too many choices? Let us help you select from these custom options:

  • Shape & Size: match to your insignia crest and scale for how it will be worn
  • Materials: made of base metal, they can be gold, silver or brass colour
  • Enamel: details can be added in multiple colours matched to insignia
  • Engraving: add a name, badge number or other identification marks
  • Finishes: matte or polished and clear protective
  • Back: choose from safety pins, screw backs, snaps, clips or hook and loop attachments