Uniform Insignia

Service Medals & Ribbons

Recognizing Service

Supplying service medals and ribbons is a distinct honour for TrimTag.

Service medals and ribbons have storied military origins and are continuing in use today for many more organizations. Police, fire, EMS, and other public services come to us for custom medals and ribbons when honouring achievements and recognizing exemplary service of their members and volunteers.

We pay attention to the details of each custom medal and ribbon design.

It is our small way of paying tribute to those bestowed such honours. By offering many design and presentation options, we help raise the prestige of your medals .

Having an established supply chain gives us the capabilities to bring all the medal, ribbon and presentation elements together. And meeting your deadlines tied to an upcoming awards event or ceremony is part of our own service standard.

Types of Medals & Ribbons

We only create custom service recognition medals, ribbons and ribbon bars.

We typically are designing medals to have your insignia or logo on the face (obverse), and a different design on the reverse. Medals can be made in different colours and are finished by attaching to ribbons. An optional metal bar can be added. Grosgrain service ribbons are meticulous in the colour, size and order of stripes, symbolizing your organization and the individual’s unique achievement. Paying the same attention to details, we also make smaller service ribbon bars worn above a chest pocket or on a lapel.

Service Medals

Ribbon Bars

Presentation Boxes

Give your service medals and ribbon awards even more prestige.

TrimTag supplies custom-fit velvet presentation boxes for medals and ribbon bars. Completing the box with your insignia or logo printed on the inside or outside elevates the value of the award. Service recognition ceremonies remain important morale-boosting events, and our medals given in presentation boxes enhance the effect to the recipient and audience.

How to customize medals & ribbons

We specialize in customizing made-to-order service medals and ribbons with optional presentation boxes. Allowing us to help create a unique design will make your awards meaningful and memorable:

Options for customizing:

  • Shape & Size: Medals are commonly round, but can also be made into stars, rectangles or other shapes. Creating 3D-effects and engraving your insignia, logo or other design elements is possible, as well as adding names, dates or lettering specific to the award.
  • Colour: Medals and bars can be metallic gold, silver, bronze or copper colour, and enamel can also be added. Grosgrain ribbons and ribbon bars can be made in any colour combination, and in any order and size of stripes.
  • Attachments: Medals are attached to the ribbon. Medals and ribbon bars can have a safety pin, pinch pin or Velcro-like hook and loop tape for wearing above a uniform chest pocket or on a lapel.
  • Presentation boxes: we offer custom fitted boxes in a range of colours for velvet exterior and satin liners, and your insignia or logo and text can be printed inside or outside.