TrimTag supplies custom epaulettes, slip-ons and shoulder boards

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Epaulettes, Slip Ons & Shoulder Boards

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We supply custom epaulettes, slip-ons and shoulder boards.

Epaulettes are among the most noticed of insignia elements having an important silent communication role. We pay full attention to every detail when developing epaulettes and slip-ons for police, fire and emergency services, border security, transportation and may types of government agencies. Meeting the highest standards, our epaulettes identify ranks, units and specialists of every member.

TrimTag has an established supply chain with capabilities to manufacture different types of custom duty, dress, and special occasion epaulettes, slip-ons and shoulder boards at competitive prices. We can supply you with woven, embroidered and bullion epaulettes to signal the responsibility on the shoulders of your members. Let TrimTag handle all the details of your epaulettes to ensure you are sending the right message.

Types of custom epaulettes

We create custom epaulettes suited just for your uniform.

These can be traditional sewn-on, or the more practical ‘slip ons’. We also supply formal button-on shoulder boards. All epaulette types can be embellished to identify your ranks with ribbon stripes, embroidered insignia, lettering, crowns, chevrons, maple leaves or flags. We are also creating more special event epaulettes and slip-ons designed for awareness or fundraising campaigns with unique colours and logos. See below for more information on how we customize epaulettes.

Slip-on epaulette

Shoulder board

Custom epaulettes and slip-ons

How to create custom epaulettes

TrimTag offers a seamless one-stop process from design, to sampling and order production. Let us help you choose from the following ways to customize epaulettes to suit your uniforms:

  • Shape & Size: optimize epaulette sizes and shapes to fit your uniform sweater, shirt or jacket. 
  • Materials: match fabric type and background colour to your specifications. Rank embellishment details such as gold ribbon stripes can be sewn on, while insignia, lettering, crowns, chevrons, maple leaves or flag designs can be machine embroidered. We can supply shoulder boards with hand-embroidered bullion details for dress uniforms.
  • Colours: we match your insignia logo and uniform colours
  • Attachments: slip-ons are designed for temporary on-duty wear and removal to facilitate uniform laundering. Epaulettes can be supplied for permanent sewn-on, or with button-on, snap-on or Velcro-like hook & loop attachments. Rivets and custom buttons can be supplied with your insignia. Find out more about custom uniform insignia buttons.
epaulettes with four gold stripe captain ribbons