TrimTag supplies uniform shoulder crests for paramedics

Uniform Insignia

Crests & Patches

Custom uniform crests and patches for official identification

Shoulder crests, unit crests, rockers, chevrons, name and chest patches are essential identification items. We specialize in supplying custom uniform crests and patches worn by all ranks, units and specialists. We supply uniform crests for cadets, to front line officers, and all the way up the chain of command.

EMS, fire, police and security services, along with many federal, provincial, municipal and transit agencies all trust TrimTag to supply high quality custom crests and patches they can count on for their uniforms.

Types of uniform crests & patches

TrimTag has capabilities to supply many different types of custom uniform shoulder crests and chest patches. We supply woven, embroidered, heat transfer, and printed patches as well as designs using combinations. See our ceremonial dress section for information about hand embroidered bullion patches.

Shoulder Crests

Unit Crests, Name Patches & Rockers

Chevrons & Crowns

How to customize
crests and patches

We work with you to replicate, modify or design new uniform crests and patches. There are many different methods of production and finishing, and each type has a slightly different final appearance and wear performance. Let us help you to create the custom crests and patches best suited for how they will be worn on your duty and dress uniforms.

  • Design: we can duplicate, modify or update insignia logo design, and have proven capabilities to produce the fine details of your insignia with accuracy and consistency.
  • Shape & Size: choose any shape and size to suit placement on your uniform. We can help you optimize for when multiple shoulder crests, unit crests and rockers need to fit on sleeves, jacket or outer jackets. We assist in choosing font style, spacing to allow for variable name patches to fit chest pocket or pocket flaps.
  • Materials: we can match crest or patch background fabric to uniform material, or to any specification. We also offer scratch-resistant heat transfer patches, or 3-D insignia crests and patches using PU material molded to shape.
  • Colours: accurate multi-colour insignia matched to your logo. We offer colour choices for merrow edge finishing of woven crests and patches.
  • Reflective: reflective yarn or printing on crests and patches can increase visibility in low light conditions
  • Attachment: options for affixing crests and patches to uniforms include iron-on adhesives, safety pins, screw backs and removable hook & loop type backing.