Uniform Insignia

Ceremonial Dress Details

TrimTag supplies ceremonial dress lanyards for Canadian paramedic, police and fire service uniforms

Details matter for the most visible elements of your ceremonial dress uniforms

We are proud to see TrimTag’s specialty insignia items worn on ceremonial dress uniforms. Upholding longstanding traditions, bullion patches, lanyards, braided cord and dress gloves are some of the items we supply for completing the formal look of ceremonial dress kits for many organizations. Taking care of your dress uniform details is our duty to make you look good, especially while on parade.

Bullion cap patches and crests

TrimTag has specialized resources to produce exquisite hand-embroidered bullion badges. These are made for peaked caps, or worn on the shoulder or sleeve of dress uniforms. Our hand-embroidery uses traditional gold wire and colour matched thread to accurately recreate the design of your insignia logo. Our bullion patches are admired for upholding traditions of ceremonial dress uniforms for many police, fire, EMS paramedics and other public agencies.

Braided shoulder cords & lanyards

We supply many Canadian law enforcement and public safety organizations that have adopted the historic French military traditions awarding braided shoulder cords (fourragères) or lanyards as part of their ceremonial dress uniform elements. 

Symbolic “courage cords’, or braided shoulder cords, are designed to be worn fastened to an epaulette. TrimTag can produce them in different colours and braid patterns for the unit distinctions achieved. Adding cords to drape over the sleeve, and loops, knots, olives or a metal tip (aiguillette) are more custom options. Unbraided cord lanyards slip under an epaulette, loop under the left arm and can attach to a chest pocket button. Let us ensure these decorations are looped and knotted in all the right places for your ceremonial dress uniforms.

Parade dress gloves

Traditionally white dress gloves draw attention to hand movements and improve clarity of hand signals. Continuing today, white dress or parade gloves are required or optional elements of many organization’s ceremonial dress kits. TrimTag supplies dress gloves made of white or black stretch-cotton knit fabric, typically wrist length. Our global sourcing capabilities allow us to offer ceremonial dress gloves at competitive prices for many public service organizations.

How to customize ceremonial dress uniform elements

All our hand-made ceremonial bullion insignia, braided shoulder cords and lanyards are custom made to order. Working with our established supply chain specialists, we take care to ensure accurate hand-stitched embroidery reproduction of even the most detailed insignia logo. TrimTag offers a seamless one-stop services from design to sampling and order production for all your ceremonial dress uniform elements.

Select from these customization options:

  • Size & size: bullion embroidery on felt or woven backing is matched to your insignia logo and scaled for where it will be worn. Braid patterns and lengths are made to your specifications.
  • Colour: bullion, braided shoulder cords and lanyards are traditionally gold, but can be produced in any colour or combination you specify.
  • Finishing: lanyard braid ends can have loops, knots, olives or metal ends (aiguillettes)
  • Attachments: bullion patches for caps or sleeves can have safety pins, screw backs, snaps, clips or hook and loop tape
TrimTag supplies fire, paramedic and police with dress uniform insignia