Uniform Insignia

Bugles, Coins & Lapel Pins

Lapel pins, coins and bugles your ranks will be proud to wear, give and receive

TrimTag supplies custom lapel pins and challenge coins to EMS, Fire, and Police services across Canada. Our firefighter bugles and collar dogs remain a symbolic part of their dress uniforms. Attention to detail and quality makes our lapel pins, coins and bugles popular among ranks. We are standing ready to help you award service and achievement, to uplift morale, and present gifts at community fundraising events.

Firefighter bugle pins & collar dogs

The bugle is an enduring symbol of firefighters. TrimTag creates unique bugle or collar dog pin designs for distinctive firefighter uniforms. We can customize the size, shape, add enamel or texture to reproduce the intricate detail of your insignia accurately, and to identify departments, units or specialists within your fire service ranks. 

TrimTag supplies many fire services across Canada with metal bugle pins and collar dogs for all ranks and special units. You can choose from solid collar dogs or open bugle pins, in gold or silver metal colour, and various combinations of textures and finishes.

Custom commemorative & challenge coins

Commemorative and challenge coins recognizing and honouring outstanding service and achievement are a continuing tradition among EMS, Fire and Police and other public service agencies. TrimTag supplies custom challenge coins popular for team building morale and unity within ranks. We make sure your coins are unique by customizing the details of your insignia and motto to represent a unit and its values on the faces of the coin. 

For marking significant events and milestones, and for fundraising, many service organizations count on TrimTag to create unique high-quality commemorative coins. We work with you to custom design the dies for each face of the coin. We have the resources to create coin variations, such as metal colour, texture, laser engraving, enamel or printing. Adding a protective finish, or clear coin cases are optional. And, for special commemorative presentation events, we supply custom fitted velvet boxes to elevate the experience. 

Custom lapel pins

Custom lapel pins enjoy enduring popularity as small tokens for many municipalities, first responders, military, veterans and non-profit organizations. Our specialty is creating ideas for a custom lapel pin design. Designs can include your insignia or logo, as well as text or graphic elements. Adding textures or colour enamel can make your lapel pin unique.

As well, we can attach your lapel pins to an information card, allowing you further ways to communicate about a special event or fundraiser.

How to customize lapel pins and challenge coins

TrimTag has an established global supply chain allowing us to offer many options to incorporate your insignia, logo, and special text to create truly custom lapel pins challenge coins or bugles.

Options for customizing:

  • Size, shape and colours
  • Metal type, textures, matte, gloss or antiqued finishes
  • Engraving, enamel or printed insignia, logos and designs
  • Lettering style, spacing and colour
  • Safety pin, pinch or secure screw backs
  • Presentation cards, cases and boxes