TrimTag supplies high visibility reflective billboards for Police

Uniform Insignia

Billboard Patches

High visibility when seconds count

TrimTag is a supplier of high visibility billboard patches for municipalities, law enforcement, security, fire, EMS and other public service uniforms. We understand the role they have when your personnel must be visible and seconds count. Uniform billboard patches are vital to ensure safety and clearly identify the wearer to all those on scene.

Types of billboard patches

In addition to standard identification such as POLICE, PARAMEDIC, FIRE and SECURITY, TrimTag specializes in supplying high visibility billboard patches customized with insignia and text. To meet your specific uniform needs, we supply different types suitable for outerwear items, such as vests, rain jackets and winter coats. We can design specific billboards to identify departments, units or specialists. 

We work with you and your uniform maker to ensure the billboard ground colour closely matches, they fit properly, and attach to the front or back of your uniforms according to the method you specify.

woven high visibility uniform billboard patch auxiliary police unit woven with insignia logo
Optimize visibility with lettering and colour

Optimizing for high visibility

TrimTag can help you optimize your uniform billboard design for high visibility. Choosing lettering style, size, spacing, as well as the colour of your ground material can maximize legibility. Typically the woven billboards we produce are high contrast either in white/grey or yellow/gold lettering on dark black or navy/black fabric ground. Reflective yarns or printing inks are options to make even higher visibility billboard patches, regardless of lighting or weather conditions.

Custom rainbow uniform billboard patch for community event

Special event billboard patches

Large high visibility uniform billboard patches are silent but very effective communication tools. TrimTag creates custom designs for special events, awareness, fundraising or community engagement campaigns. 

TrimTag offers a seamless one-stop process from design, to sampling and order production. We can change the billboard background material, match your event colour scheme, and modify lettering to incorporate your message. Call on us to help you create a custom uniform billboard patch in time for your next community event or fundraiser. We also offer custom crests and patches, epaulettes and other uniform accessories to compliment your distinctive uniform insignia.

How to customize uniform billboard patches

TrimTag has an established global supply chain with specialized design, materials and production capabilities to ensure integrity of your insignia logo, and that reflective inks do not deteriorate with regular wear and washing, and remain visible.

Too many choices? Let us help you select from these custom options:

  • Shape & Size: scale for how it will be worn on your uniforms
  • Materials: background material type and colour matching to your uniform
  • Method: woven, embroidered, or printed
  • Design: lettering style, spacing and colours; add insignia or logo
  • Finishing: sew on, heat seal or easy on/off hook and loop backing 
TrimTag supplies uniform billboard patches for police, fire, EMS uniforms