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Wellington at Waterloo 1815, collection of the National Army Museum, London

Military hats past and present

This issue of Insignia Insights highlights unique military hats of past and present. Forage caps, baseball style caps, sun hats and winter toques are just some items among the many uniform insignia TrimTag supplies. Looking into to their origins, we…

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Hallmarks-royal origins and modern uses

Hallmarking is a word that has come to mean the essence of a brand, or signature of an individual. But hallmarks actually began as a fraud prevention tool in medieval times. Assuring royals they got quality goods from gold and…

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Canada Remembers peace and poppies

Peace and poppies are the sentiment and symbols #CanadaRemembers in November. In this edition of Insignia Insights, we look at how Remembrance Day came to be. Tell you about the ultimate and untimely sacrifice of one Canadian soldier. And why…

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Kingston Police Coin Commemorates 175 Years

WHO: Kingston Police In 2016, the Kingston Police will be 175 years old. To commemorate this anniversary, the Kingston Police commissioned a special souvenir coin developed by Trimtag’s Insignia division. Earlier this year, the Kingston Police made the 175th anniversary…

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