Pothole season is here

Pothole season is here, and its a doozy. Days are getting longer, the sun is stronger. You are driving along with Spring in the air. Then, thunk! A bone-shaking road crater jolts you. Welcome to [...]

Visionary Brands

Well, Canada Day has long come and gone and sadly (almost) the summer too! We are looking forward to fall and the taste of a crisp Canadian apple. To kick off the new season, we return our [...]

Royal blue gift

True north, beautiful & rare. Aptly named ‘Beluga’ sapphires are the natural royal blue gems featured in a gift given by Canada to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth to honour her 65 [...]


West Jet is now Canada Air. In a surprise move, West Jet announced today it would commemorate Canada 150 with a #most-Canadian re-brand. Airline brands are fiercely competitive on price, routes [...]

Remembering Hill 70

Lest We Forget As Canada is gears up for next year’s 150 birthday, another memorial is being built in France to remember Hill 70, a ten day World War II battle that took place 100 years [...]

Fabric of Canada

Canada’s oldest company, The Hudson’s Bay Company, is a substantial part of the history and fabric of Canada. Literally. Founded by grant from King Charles to his cousin, Prince [...]

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