Take a Summer Road Trip

Summer road trips are an annual ritual for many families. This year, a short drive from home is the extent of a vacation many of us will have. Limits and travel advisories restrict foreign trips. [...]

Pothole season is here

Pothole season is here, and its a doozy. Days are getting longer, the sun is stronger. You are driving along with Spring in the air. Then, thunk! A bone-shaking road crater jolts you. Welcome to [...]

Zero is the Goal

One is too many. Zero is the goal. We are talking about lives injured or lost, especially when its preventable. Our vision is to help stop it from happening In the news of late are some awful [...]

New national anthem

In all of us command a new national anthem Celebrating feats of athleticism is only one part of the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea. Country and sponsor branding is on full display on [...]

Canada 150 lasting legacy

Canada’s year-long national celebration is winding down. Highlighted here are a few projects we think will resonate as a Canada 150 lasting legacy. Shining well beyond the final fireworks of 2017 [...]

Distinct Canadianisms

Distinct Canadianisms are unique Canadian expressions created by a mashup of history and languages. In 1967, The Dictionary of Canadianisms was first published for Canada’s centennial. It [...]

trade builds a nation

Trade is fundamental to Canada Even before there was Canada, there was trade. Aboriginal nations traded with each other. Seeking routes to Asia through the arctic, European explorers discovered [...]

Beaver Tales

Animal Symbolism Fierce animals like eagles, elephants and lions have historically been used as symbols both by monarchies and nation states, clans and companies. The Roman empire and Napoleon, [...]

Canadian Toughness

Weathering winter is part of Canadian toughness Blame our weather. Claims of Canadian toughness is part of our identity. We face rugged conditions and awful weather many months of the year. [...]

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