TrimTag services start with a focus on protecting the client's brand integrity


Protecting your brand integrity

TrimTag uses digital design to ensure accurate colour matching

Services start with earning your trust

Service means respecting your insignia, brand or trademark as a most valuable asset.

Taking great care with your logo is where we start. We manage all the fine details in producing your visible identity items. Protecting your brand integrity while delivering the goods is how we earn your trust. Building trust continues to be mission critical to our one-stop service approach. You can count on us to be your supplier of custom uniform insignia, custom corporate branding products or fashion apparel trims.

Our one-stop services are designed for efficiency.

Speed and quality are top priorities for our customers. But so is the need for creativity and competitive prices. Assisting in design plus optimizing our global sourcing capabilities is our one-stop services approach. Our expertise in modifying or customizing existing items, or creating new ones saves time in development. Our established supply chain of specialists allows us to match production capabilities to product quality and price. Supervising your order from concept to delivery, allows you to get on with business.

Start to finish services

Expect us to be hands-on. Looking after all the design details and delivering your order is done through our established systems. Managing design, sourcing, quality control and production supervision are all part of our value-add services.

  • Product development
  • Production sourcing
  • Quality control
  • Global drop-shipping options

A global supply chain

Get the benefits of sourcing efficiencies from our long-established global supply chain. Identifying the right manufacturing specialists and supervising production of different components is part of our seamless services approach.

  • A network of specialized manufacturers
  • Choice of materials and methods
  • Production supervision
  • Cost efficiency

Design & materials help

We show you samples and generate design ideas. Recommending and refining your design choices is part of our one-stop service. We help with materials selection and manufacturing methods best suited to your product, end use and budget.

  • Design and specifications
  • Materials selection
  • Optimize for manufacturing methods
  • Finishing

Quality control

Our seamless one-stop services includes start to finish production supervision of every order. We ensure the integrity and quality of the products we deliver. If required, we can arrange for standards certificates, as well as third party lab testing. The most common aspects of our quality control procedures include visual inspections and testing, such as:

  • Design reproduction accuracy
  • Colour matching and colourfastness
  • Material quality
  • Finished quality
  • Durability
TrimTag takes quality control measures to ensure precision on every custom item
TrimTag has established global sourcing capabilities