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Recognizing service on Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day poppy reminds us to honour and recognize service of veterans and all those on the front line keeping us free, safe and healthy.
TrimTag salutes service and sacrifice on Remembrance Day 2021

Remembrance Day is for recognizing service and sacrifice. As time goes by, the connections to our World War veterans on November 11 are increasingly distant for many Canadians.

Aiming to connect with younger generations, Veterans Affairs Canada has focused a new “Unforgettable Day” campaign showing more recent missions where veterans have served, including Korea and Afghanistan.

Showing veterans serving Canadians at home is also a new positive message. Responding to natural disasters like wildfires and floods, as well as providing front line healthcare assistance during the pandemic sheds light on the modern day capabilities of the Canadian Armed Forces.

Recognizing service by engaging the public

custom lapel pin poppy and maple leaf for Veterans Affairs Canada
TrimTag supplied this custom double poppy lapel pin for Veteran’s Affairs Canada

Getting public attention and recognition of our veterans by a younger audience is a goal we salute.

In fact, TrimTag has helped Veterans Affairs with public engagement, by supplying them with more than three million custom designed double poppy and maple leaf lapel pins. (shown at left).

This small token is given to veterans as well as the public. We are particularly proud when we see vets wearing it along with their service medals and ribbons at Remembrance Day events.

Recognizing service with medals and ribbons for all on the front lines

Custom service medal and ribbon, Fire and Emergency Services
TrimTag creates custom service medals and ribbons for many front line organizations

The message of Veterans Affairs new campaign is that not all CAF veterans fight in wars. They do peacekeeping, as well as rescue and healthcare missions right here at home.

Paramedics, Fire and Police service members of all stripes deserve service recognition. They too have been on the front lines for Canadians during extraordinary pandemic circumstances.

For all types of public service agencies, it is TrimTag’s great honour to make service medals and ribbons to give recognition to their members.

Different stripes for service medals and ribbons

All our service medals and ribbons are made to order. Ribbon colours and details of stripe sizes are all customized. As well, integrating your organization’s insignia into the design of molds for medal faces is our strength. Making it possible to give you options on metal colours and finishes distinct for each award is the added value we offer.

Giving uniform buyers this flexibility adds up to important cost benefits. And, TrimTag is able to offer custom fitted velvet boxes to elevate the experience of presentation ceremonies honouring service.

Make your service medals and ribbons memorable

In these challenging times, we think recognizing service matters even more.

Working with uniform buyers, we design and deliver service medals and ribbons deserving of those who are given them. Ask us how we can help elevate your program today.