TrimTag supplied extra large vehicle magnets for Durham Region EMS ambulance to symbolize their support for PRIDE Month
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Proud to supply PRIDE Month symbols to First Responders

TrimTag helps First Responders show their colours during PRIDE Month

First Responder agencies are actively participating in PRIDE Month and looking for ways of showing their support with colours and symbols. Paramedics, police and public agencies including Region of Durham Paramedic Services and Hamilton Police Service came to TrimTag to help them create a variety of products for PRIDE Month in June.

Region of Durham Paramedic Services knew TrimTag could create custom PRIDE Month symbols for them. They wanted to show their support of the 2SLGBTQ+ within their organization, and throughout the whole community.

We provide care to rapidly growing and richly diverse community.  Despite progression and increasing acceptance, members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community still face challenges, barriers, and apprehension when accessing the healthcare system. With that in mind, we wanted to show our support and allyship for the 2SLGBTQ+ communities within the region.

Brian Forbes, Advanced Care Paramedic, P.R.I.D.E. Committee Chair, Region of Durham Paramedic Services

At first we thought Durham EMS wanted small magnets and flags. But they asked us to work on some bigger ideas.

Moving billboards send an equitable message

Now, more than ever, it is crucial that we continue to work towards providing equitable and informed pre-hospital care to members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. The Region of Durham Paramedic Services is working to inform and educate our paramedics and community to create safe spaces for all our residents.  

Brian Forbes

How about something more visible to all? Well, what is more visible than an ambulance! They are everywhere and anywhere in the community. People hear them. See them. And definitely notice them.

It was important for Durham EMS to have a high quality product that was easily removable while not sacrificing quality and aesthetics. So TrimTag created extra large vehicle magnets so the ambulances could also wear PRIDE Month symbols. They are big, colourful and removable.

But we didn’t stop there. TrimTag also created customized smaller items the paramedics could hand out and spread the message among their peers and to the public.

Stickers incorporate three PRIDE symbols

What is more universally appealing than a sticker! Kids love to put them on anything. And because stickers are an easy low-cost item, they can be shared with many. Stickers are helping Durham EMS get their PRIDE Month message of support and inclusion to more people.

TrimTag supplied two kinds: rainbow heart stickers, as well as stickers customized with the caduceus ~ the healing symbol of medicine used by paramedics in their insignia. Three symbols: P.R.I.D.E. , love and healing. They are helping to create one healthy community.

Hiren and the team at TrimTag were extremely helpful in assisting our team to achieve our vision. They were very responsive and efficient in delivering the final product on a short time line. Thank you for helping us represent our 2SLGBTQ+ communities this year!

We are so proud we could be part of it.

What are the PRIDE possibilities for next year?

TrimTag offers standard uniform insignia with the symbolic rainbow colours of PRIDE for uniform billboards, chest patches or slip-on epaulettes. Because some organizations want a more integrated look, we create custom uniform insignia incorporating PRIDE colours for many first responder agencies.

For the Calgary Police Service, we created custom lapel pins in the shape of a maple leaf with rainbow coloured enamel. For Strathroy Caradoc Police we customized a PRIDE uniform patch.

The PRIDE possibilities really are endless. Allowing time to develop unique products takes some forward planning so you have them ready for PRIDE Month in June 2023, or whenever your community celebrates its diversity.

Let us help you customize your own symbols

TrimTag can help your organization show its colours too. We specialize in customizing everything, including uniform insignia items such as crests and badges, as well as corporate recognition and branded promotional items. We also supply custom branded trims and apparel labels to fashion companies.

Let us help you be ready for your upcoming special events.