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Making plans for a way out

Is the pandemic over? No, but we are making plans for a way out. Deep down in the London Underground subway system, there are “Way Out” signs directing you. Follow them, and eventually you resurface. With our lives subject to many variants, variables and degrees of disruption, pointing a way out of the pandemic is not so easy.

We expect many ongoing changes, but our plan for the way out is to remain focused on what we have been doing for nearly thirty years. Being a reliable supplier of custom identification products for uniform insignia, corporate branding, as well as fashion trims and labels.

Another pillar of our plan is putting people and service at the centre of everything we do. No matter what is our client’s business, our business is creating unique visible details which make them seen, recognized and acknowledged.

Powers of silent communication

TrimTag creates custom branded items like lapel pins for companies, teams and events

During these past two years, sometimes is felt like the whole world was on mute. Traffic stopped. People behind masks were making hand gestures to keep their distance. Posted signs reminding of the rules were everywhere.

The pandemic amplified many trends. One of them being the importance of using insignia or branding for silent communication. Whether virtually or IRL (in real life) maintaining contact is key. We are seeing no end to this trend.

We create the visible elements which make silent communication possible. Our crests identify first responders in an emergency, reassuring public they know help has arrived. Our graphics are helping communities, schools and companies stay connected to their services, to learning and to their business. We make the details which honour service and gets corporate and fashion brands noticed.

Telling stories silently works, and will continue. And humanity needs so many new stories to be told.

Thank you for helping us find a way out

ceremonial dress bullion embroidered cap patch

Recognizing it has been an extraordinarily challenging two years for everyone, we especially want to acknowledge and thank each and every member of the front line for doing their duty in difficult circumstances. We thank all our clients in command and support roles behind them, and the people all over the world and here at home who delivered for us.

One of the tall tasks ahead is plugging the holes exposed in our emergency preparedness. We note this positive step in building a plan for a way out for first responders still stretched far too thin:

The ongoing pandemic has underlined the critical importance of emergency management, as well as the country’s preparedness and response efforts…Recognizing that public safety personnel selflessly put themselves in harm’s way to help others, Public Safety Canada will continue to advance Canada’s first-ever National Action Plan on Post-Traumatic Stress Injuries for public safety personnel.

Honourable Bill Blair, P.C., C.O.M., M.P., Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Public Safety Plan 2021-22

Finding your own way out

We expect the post pandemic era will mean changing how we do things once again. We are ready. Our global supply chain is intact. We can’t wait to see you in person again. The most exciting part? To begin working with you to create powerful ways to communicate your own plan for a way out.

Let us ensure your uniform badge helps identify you while you create order out of chaos. We can help create a fresh look of your company t-shirt to re-engage team members and customers. We supply trims for new fashions to get online clicks, and visits as shops re-open. When you are looking for ways to recognize extraordinary efforts of your personnel, we can help show gratitude with tangible and personalized service medals or lapels pins. When you are ready to create bold business branding and smart informative packaging we can elevate your customer experience.

Everyone has experienced the pandemic differently. There is hope, but also fear of moving too soon. Confusion is increasing. Patience is decreasing. There is something businesses and individuals can do: plan your way out.