Mounties Dress Uniform & Canada 150 Musical Ride

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Mounties dress uniform of the RCMP is iconic to Canada

Mounties famous red serge dress uniform featured in RCMP recruitment video

The Mounties dress uniform is instantly recognizable.

For almost as long as Canada has existed, the Mounties have played an important role.  They began as a para-military police force sent to remote areas. Today, they are both a national police force and local law enforcement. As Canada grew and developed, they have become closely linked to Canadian identity. We think that is partly due to the Mounties dress uniform: red serge jacket, tall brown boots and western hat.

But Mounties didn’t always wear red, and were first called the North West Mounted Police.

In 1873, their first assignment was to deter the rowdies at Fort Whoop-up, the rumoured headquarters of American whisky traders. It was all to keep the railway builders and land surveyors safe, so the young Dominion of Canada could attract settlers. The Mounties were there to keep the peace and welcome newcomers. As Canada changed, the RCMP adapted their role. In 1876, the Mounties got their first scarlet tunics in their dress uniform. They didn’t officially become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police until 1920.

Mounties dress uniform is worn for the RCMP Musical Ride

July 15, 2016 application deadline for 2017 Mounties Musical Ride Tour

The Mounties still have a red dress uniform. They continue to serve several law enforcement roles: a national police force, the police force of eight provinces and three territories. Fort Whoop-up is modern day Lethbridge, Alberta. Mounties also stand guard wearing those dress uniforms at thousands of Canadian citizenship and other official ceremonies every year.

Their horseback mounted heritage lives on in the famous precision of the RCMP Musical Ride. In 2017 their national tour is being organized well in advance. It’s sure to be a highlight of numerous Canada 150 celebrations.

The Musical Ride tour begins in May 2017, returning in late June to participate in national Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa. The tour will continue until September, and stop near capital city regions, with time in between to ensure the horses’ welfare.

The RCMP is inviting non-profit organizations to submit online applications to host the  2017 Musical Ride. Due to the large scope of this tour, applications must be received by July 15, 2016.