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Kingston Police Coin Commemorates 175 Years

WHO: Kingston Police

In 2016, the Kingston Police will be 175 years old. To commemorate this anniversary, the Kingston Police commissioned a special souvenir coin developed by Trimtag’s Insignia division. Earlier this year, the Kingston Police made the 175th anniversary commemorative coin available for the public to purchase. A portion of funds raised by sales of this coin will help support local charities.

WHY WE LIKE THIS BRAND: Reaching a milestone such as a 175th anniversary is significant. The Kingston Police are taking this occasion to remember and honour those who have served or been part of the Kingston Police family.  We think it is admirable that the Kingston Police are taking the opportunity not only to celebrate the anniversary but also to leverage it for community fundraising efforts.

Kingston Police Inaugural Gala
Kingston Police supports the Youth Diversion Program

Kingston’s Chief of Police, Gilles M. Larochelle, noted in the outreach for the inaugural gala being held next year:  “Many of our successes in crime prevention, problem solving, and services to victims of crime have been due to our excellent partnerships with numerous agencies and organizations.  One such integral partner has been the Youth Diversion Program, and for that reason it has been chosen as the beneficiary of our gala fundraising.”

The Youth Diversion Program is a Kingston charity that delivers quality programs to assist over 1,400 youths annually.  More than one hundred volunteer community members work to offer programs to youths to help them make positive changes and choices in their lives.

The inaugural Kingston Police gala will be held on May 14, 2016.  Other significant events hosted by the Kingston Police to support local charities  in 2016 include: the International Police Hockey Tournament (February 25–28); the Great Lakes Police Motorcycle Training Seminar (August 17–20); and the North American Police Equestrian Championships (September 14–18).

Trimtag is proud to play a part during this very special year for the Kingston Police.


Kingston Police 175th commemorative coin

FRONT: shown in gold
Three crowns
– The three antique crowns reflect the geographical arrangement of the three former municipalities that combined to form the new City of Kingston. The Martello Tower – A unique, outstanding feature of Kingston’s waterfront, it symbolizes strength and firmness of resolve.  It also represents Kingston’s extensive military connections and its lengthy historical development. The waves – These represent the convergence of three bodies of water that meet at Kingston:  Lake Ontario, the St. Lawrence River, and the Cataraqui River / Rideau Canal system.

BACK: shown in silver
Building – The Kingston City Hall is a national historic site, and remains the centre for administering and governing the City of Kingston. It housed the Kingston Police from 1844 to 1971. Emblems – These represent four of the various shoulder crests that have been used since 1841. “For the preservation of good order and the public morals therein”:  With these words the Police Force of Kingston was created by the Common Council of Kingston on December 20, 1841.

Coins can be purchased at Kingston Police Headquarters at 705 Division St or at the Kingston Tourism Information Office