We create the signature details that help your brand stand out in a competitive environment. We develop custom brand or logo elements for attractive products, packaging, and signage with effective labels, tags for corporate uniforms and gifts and more. We help you differentiate and communicate your brand story with a clear voice.

Brand Labels & Tags
Team & Uniform Patches
Promotions & Packaging
Custom Logo Trims



Thousands of our official Canada 150 products have been sent across the country.  While the year-long sesquicentennial celebration has come and gone, we know our custom brand Canada 150 items were a huge hit. If you are celebrating 1 year or 150, ask us about creating custom brand items for your special event, campaign or promotion.

*Trimtag is authorized by Heritage Canada to use the official Canada 150 logo.
  • Trimtag Canada 150 baseball cap
  • Trimtag Canada 150 100% biodegradable clear cup with lid
  • Trimtag's exclusive Canada 150 pin
  • Trimtag official Canada 150 pin can be customized for your organization or event
  • Canada 150 lapel pin package exclusive design by Trimtag

Brand Integrity

We have the highest respect for your brand’s integrity. We work with you to create just the right items that speak volumes about your team, your customers and your business.

Creative & Customized

We generate innovative ideas and give you options on how your brand can look working with different materials and finishes. We often find cost-saving opportunities and pass them on to you.

Our Famous Clients

We work with all different types and sizes of businesses and organizations across Canada and around the world: famous automotive brands, international quick-serve restaurants, local food and beverage chains and financial service companies. We make fun stuff for special events and tools for team building. We help charities tell their story, and retailers with uniforms, packaging and labeling.

We want to be your preferred supplier of custom identification products.

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About Trimtag

We are a supplier of custom brand identification elements used for uniforms insignia, corporate identity and apparel industries. We focus on getting every detail right and working with clients to create just the right look…


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