Halloween on hold, time change maybe cancelled

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Halloween on hold, time change may be cancelled

Courtesy: The Weather Network

Today is an unusual day, at least in the east. The City of Montreal and other communities in Quebec have put Halloween on hold. In the west, British Columbia legislators are debating cancellation of the semi-annual time change.

Please double-down on Halloween road safety

Kids (and parents) may complain about Halloween on hold. It’s all due to the lousy weather forecast.

I invite Montrealers to have Halloween on Friday because of the rain and strong winds announced tomorrow– Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante said on Twitter on Wednesday.

That has provoked horror and confusion among kids and parents. And some howls (of laughter?) for communities in the north which may get up to 30 cm of snow instead of rain. We get the mayors put Halloween on hold in the interest of public safety.

Whenever you decide this year’s Halloween should be, we worry that makes two dark, rainy or snowy nights in a row where young ghouls and goblins may be out on the street. So we are asking drivers to please double down on your Halloween road safety plan, just in case.

Don’t change your clock (maybe)

Time change is this weekend; for some its time to 'fall back' one hourMeanwhile, this weekend in most of Canada, clocks are supposed to fall back to daylight savings time. Except Saskatchewan.  Since 1912 the prairie province has always officially or unofficially been on Central Time, even though geographically located on Mountain Time. That means for six months of the year, Saskatchewan is on the same time as Manitoba, the other half of the year with Alberta.

Now today, British Columbia has tabled a bill to make the semi-annual time change obsolete in that province. Apparently its to align time zones with trading partners (the US). The public survey showed 93% of people agree to stick with year-round DST.

But note to BC folks: you will still have to figure out how to reset your clocks one more time this weekend. If the bill passes, it won’t come into force until 2020 at the earliest. Only then will there be no more falling back and springing forward.


No doubt both of these events are confusing people. When should I take the kids out trick-or-treating? What time is it anyway?

Time to call and book your winter tire changeAll we can say, is we are now at the witching hour: days are shorter, darker, rainy and soon, (sorry to remind you) snowy. Maybe its time to make that call to book your winter tire change…

Wishing you a Happy Halloween, today, or tomorrow. Enjoy that extra hour of sleep (except in Saskatchewan). And we can’t say it often enough: BE ALERT. And that goes for everyone who is on the road: pedestrians, scooters, e-bikes, regular bikes, personal mobility devices, and all manner of motor vehicles as winter nears.

Be Alert and be visible every night

As the time changes and winter nears, we want to urge everyone to think about how you can improve your visibility every night. Prevention is the way to avoid the nightmare of a collision because someone could not be seen. That is why we created our own child-friendly stickers, patches, and Be Alert products.

For auto insurance companies, mechanics and tire specialists who share our concern for pedestrian and road safety, get in touch so we can create your own custom reflective program for Halloween, Winter Tire Season, Back to School, or any time of year. Our Be Alert program aims to encourage awareness and active attention to road safety, especially for the most vulnerable road users: children, pedestrians and cyclists.