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Emergency preparedness experts urge action

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National Emergency Preparedness Week is on now. Are you ready for anything? That is the urgent question our first responder clients are asking us again.

Serving at the forefront of emergency response, local, regional, provincial governments and federal agencies are the professionals who come to our aid. It is the EMS, fire, water and air rescue teams, and police personnel you see heading towards a crisis when everyone else tries to flee. But they cannot be everywhere, and they cannot do it alone. Ask any of them, and they will say prevention is key. Urging us into action on emergency preparedness is one of their ongoing missions. Their national campaign message to the public is: Get Prepared.

It takes all of us to be ready for anything.

Hon. Bill Blair, Minister of Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness Week 2022 video

The best way to stay fire safe is to prevent fires from starting. You can take action on fire safety at home.

Ontario Fire Safety / Office of the Ontario Fire Marshall

Emergency Preparedness Week is May 1-7, 2022

From May 1 to 7, 2022, representatives from public safety, prevention and disaster response agencies are taking part in the annual national public awareness campaign. Public Safety Canada is the organizer in close collaboration with the provinces and territories, local governments and partner agencies. In addition, they are always working to improve emergency response co-ordination and use recent experiences to adjust best practices.

This year #GetCyberSafe is the theme for Emergency Preparedness Week. Through social media posts, the public can get tips on how to take preventive action to protect themselves in the digital realm. At the same time, we know threats to life and property remain a concern in the real world too.

To prepare, train and equip is the only response to a world where disaster can strike at any moment. That is why TrimTag takes seriously our role in supplying these agencies who are on the emergency front lines every day. We do this by delivering different types of uniform insignia that must perform well in tough situations. 

Visibility is part of emergency preparedness

TrimTag supplies high visibility uniform billboard patches with reflective materials

TrimTag helps first responders do their job by supplying key items such as high visibility billboard patches. In high stress scenes of chaos, poor lighting and weather conditions, the importance of being identifiable is vital. Clearly visible uniform identification helps emergency response teams see who is in command. Better visibility helps them work more effectively with each other as well as those in need of help. Our uniform products aid emergency response efforts in a small but vital way because they offer this visual reassurance.

In dangerous situations, it is a relief when professional teams arrive and get to work restoring order. TrimTag’s uniform insignia are highly visible because we use good design principles and specialized reflective materials. We optimize lettering style and size for clarity. And, because we take care in selecting high contrast materials, and reflective inks or yarns, we can ensure superior legibility on uniform patches or crests.

We work with uniform buyers to be sure the insignia for their front lines can be easily seen. They know that being visible in an emergency scenario helps them respond. Quickly establishing trust of emergency teams handling the situation leads to better outcomes for those who’s property or lives may be at risk.

Urging action on emergency preparedness 

House fires, road or industrial accidents are occurring all the time. The pandemic was a health emergency we were not ready for, and cyber crimes are a growing threat. We are also witnessing the growing scale and intensity of wildfires, catastrophic floods and intense weather events like we saw in British Columbia in 2021. According to Canadian Red Cross, more than 8,000 wildfires happened last year, and they are contributing to the increasing financial impact of natural disasters.

The worldwide cost of natural disasters has skyrocketed from $2 billion in the 1980s, to $27 billion over the past decade.


The costs in lives, injuries and property damage to the people and infrastructure affected in BC will likely surpass previous records. It is still being added up. But it leaves no doubt there is urgent need for action on emergency preparedness. Emergencies are going to happen. We can no longer afford to be hoping for the best. We must be prepared for the worst.

Whether in the physical or virtual realm, emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility. Everyone can play an important role, including individuals, communities, governments, the private sector and volunteer organizations. Basic emergency preparedness starts with each individual. That is why those in first responding roles are urging us to take more preventive measures. After all, it is in our own interest to take action.

Everyone should be #ReadyforAnything

Our clients are experts in emergency preparedness who are calling for the public to take action. They keep telling us to begin by knowing the risks. Then make a plan, and get a kit together with essentials to help you be self-sufficient for at least 72 hours. Anticipating what might happen if disaster strikes will help you to be ready for anything.

Start by visiting: getprepared.ca . Read and follow this emergency preparedness guide created in collaboration with the Canadian Associations of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance and the Salvation Army.

We hope this spurs more action, and we can help. TrimTag is able to create custom items to raise awareness and drive action. We can customize emergency checklist stickers for specific groups such as school programs, business safety plans and community public safety events. You organization can take the lead on educating what goes into an emergency kit, and what to do when an emergency happens. We have the expertise and resources to create your own branded emergency kit with custom elements, designs and logos for your organization, employees or customers.

We have our own emergency preparedness plan. And we stand ready to make your uniforms visible, or your emergency preparedness kits ready for anything.

Don’t put it off. Get prepared. Let TrimTag help you today.