Sky is the limit on ideas TrimTag can turn into custom corporate branding items


Branded solutions for companies, teams and events

Helping to raise your brand above the crowd

We are a wholesale supplier of custom corporate branding items for companies, teams and events.

Our clients are visionary leaders looking to raise their corporate image. TrimTag supplies branded logo crests for uniforms and corporate apparel. We also create medals and awards of recognition, novel packaging and branded promotional items. We work directly with all types of companies, teams and organizations, along with uniform makers, marketing agencies, and event planners.

Our custom corporate branding items get you noticed, aid team building, help in recognizing achievement and promoting events. The sky really is the limit. And to get there, we bring our creative energy and established global supply chain to deliver on your corporate vision. Got an idea to share?

TrimTag creates custom branding for visionary companies

We create the little things to get your brand noticed

Our wearable custom corporate branding items communicate your image in person.

Wearing your logo, employees are seen by customers, and teams are cheered by fans every day. Our expertise is in creating custom branding items such as logo crests, uniform patches and zipper pulls to be applied to your corporate or team apparel. We also create wearable accessories like lapel pins, name tags or hats.

These may be small things, but they help tell your brand story in a very visible way. Making sure every item matches your team colours or corporate brand standards is where we start. Our branded logo crests can made in different ways and applied to all types of uniform materials. We make the logo for an apron worn on the shop floor, the transfer on a t-shirt for your front-of-house team, or a token gift for recognizing customers, donors and volunteers. Creating giant numbers on the jersey of your all-star players, or discrete pins for the lapel of executive in your highest corporate office are among the many ways we can bring your brand to life.

Custom corporate branded logo crests

Custom corporate branded promotional items

Branded packaging that ticks all the boxes

We customize packaging with branded designs and with the earth in mind.

Our global supply chain expertise allows us to offer unique and functional branded packaging for different products and end-uses. We know packaging must always meet its primary objective to contain or protect a product. But these days packaging must do much more. It should communicate about your product, as well as say something about your brand.

We can help companies to ensure their packaging is made using sustainable materials.

We source and customize nearly any packaging material. That includes certified sustainable papers, recycled plastics, or bio-based food-safe takeout containers. Another sustainable option is to customize refillable or reusable packaging. Allowing your brand to be seen and used for longer creates less single-use waste. TrimTag specializes in combining innovative clever design with global sourcing capabilities. We are ready to help you develop unique branded packaging that ticks all the boxes.

TrimTag is a supplier of custom branded packaging including sustainable takeout cups and containers