TrimTag creates better reflective billboards for first responder uniform rain gear
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Sticky solution for better reflective billboards

TrimTag’s better reflective billboards deliver high visibility in dark, wet conditions

Case Study: TrimTag creates a sticky solution for better reflective billboards for uniforms
Product:    Reflective billboard patches for high visibility uniforms

It’s been raining a lot. And getting darker by the day. No matter the weather, Police, fire, EMS are out on our streets. Large reflective uniform billboards are key to making them more visible when on duty. Many first responder agencies have been using blue PVC reflective billboard patches for their high visibility vests and outerwear.

Trouble is, these reflective PVC billboards are stiff, hard to make, as well as difficult to apply to uniforms like rain jackets. They also do not perform as well in the dark because both the text and the background reflect at the same time, decreasing visibility. A similar issue to Ontario’s infamous blue license plates introduced in 2020, something both front line officers and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police warned about. (They are now being replaced.)

Another issue for uniform billboards on rain gear is eliminating the puncturing of the waterproof fabric to keep the wearer dry. The problem is how to attach a reflective rainwear billboard patch to a raincoat or vest without sewing.

TrimTag’s sticky solution

TrimTag high visibility reflective billboard on vest
Thermally applied reflective billboard adheres to rain gear

Working with a uniform supplier, TrimTag devised a solution for a better reflective rainwear billboard patch. We suggested thermally-applied billboards. With reflective text and non-reflective background, they offer greater visibility. However, easier said than done because receiving rainwear fabrics typically have a water repellent coating. Such coatings defeat most common adhesive glue applications.

Working with our production partners, TrimTag succeeded in formulating a new special adhesive glue that works on coated rainwear fabrics.

TrimTag’s better reflective billboard transfer patches not only solved the adhesive challenge on coated fabrics, but are also providing superior reflectivity. Now, our expertise in thermal application can be customized for a variety of specialty uniform materials.

More benefits to better reflective billboards

These new better reflective billboards also benefit from a softer feel and do not deform the jackets the way stiff PVC billboard patches do. First responders are wearing their new rainwear uniforms with TrimTag’s reflective thermally-applied billboards. They are enjoying better freedom of movement as well as better visibility while doing their job.

For uniform buyers, there are important cost benefits. Being scratch-resistant greatly increases the wear life of the billboards and rain gear. And, TrimTag’s better reflective billboard thermal transfer patches cost less than standard PVC reflective billboards.

Ask TrimTag to make your reflective billboards better and more visible

High performance reflective billboard patches are very critical to uniform suppliers, buyers and to first responders wearing them in dark, wet conditions. TrimTag is offering a better, brighter and more cost-effective solution.