Canada 150 lasting legacy

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Canada’s year-long national celebration is winding down. Highlighted here are a few projects we think will resonate as a Canada 150 lasting legacy. Shining well beyond the final fireworks of 2017 these should inspire Canadians into the future. We have our own new project in the works too, but first, here’s our top picks:

Canada150 lasting legacy from C3 voyage is community bridges

C3 Reconciliation Canoe video

Sea to sea to sea
Arriving in Victoria, British Columbia the C3 voyage concluded its never-been-done-before mission to travel Canada’s three seas on a modified icebreaker. Those aboard will remember the experience of a lifetime. The lasting C3 gift to Canada is the research, community connections and the conversations along the way.

From science, to arts, to the Gord Downie-Chanie Wenjak reconciliation room — even more meaningful, since the singer’s recent passing. Eleven million watched as Downie implored Canadians to do more to correct the past. His part in the Canada 150 lasting legacy is the positive change he has demanded of us. It is already happening.

One last project of the C3 voyage is the reconciliation canoe. Called ‘The Way Forward’ it is a commission by non-natives for indigenous people of Pacific coast to carve a traditional dugout canoe. The intent is to build a bridge between first nations and non-natives while passing on knowledge to indigenous youth. The lasting legacy of Canada 150 is the impact on what happens in future generations. A metaphor for the whole C3 expedition, and apt motto for Canada’s future leaders:

“The young folks are going to be steering that canoe for us in the future”

TransCanadaTrail Canada 150 lasting legacy a 24,000km trail

Until Dec 31, 2017, the federal government will add 50 cents to each dollar over $1,000 donated

A path forward
The epic land-based Trans Canada Trail is another enduring part of Canada 150 lasting legacy. An impressive 24,000 km, 13 provinces and territories are now 100% connected. A new mobile app makes way-finding easier. Trail trekkers less likely to get lost.

Canadians and visitors from all walks of life can ensure the trail is there for the next generation. Until December 31, 2017, for donations of $1,000 or more, every dollar will be matched by 50 cents from the federal government. Whether you are an avid ‘end-to-ender’, snowmobiler, nature photographer, dog walker, cyclist, paddler or armchair hiker, the Trans Canada Trail provides a way for anyone to explore the vast natural diversity of the land we call Canada.

Grab your boots, bike, camera or paddle; stash some water, snacks and your mobile phone. Go explore Canada.

Giant pond hockey
A national hockey team will soon play to win a third consecutive gold at the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, S. Korea. Even without our current NHL stars, we like the odds.

Canada 150 lasting legacy pond skating and warm embrace

Courtesy Ottawa Citizen, Tony Caldwell

But first, a massive outdoor skating rink is being hosed down on the front lawn of Parliament Hill. Starting December 7th, below the Canadian Flag atop the Peace Tower, hockey legends and politicians, kids and tourists can lace up for a skate.

Then on December 16, 2017, the Ottawa Senators play the Montréal Canadiens in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the very first National Hockey League game as a closing event of Canada 150 activities.

Continuing right across our cold country, pickup shinny games will happen on roadsides and frozen ponds everywhere. Canadians know winter is inevitable here. Quit complaining and get outside. Warm your hands with Hudson’s Bay Company red mittens, a hot chocolate and Beaver Tail. Embrace the annual opportunity to play a game, exercise in clean fresh air, and teach foreigners and newcomers to learn what can be achieved on frozen ponds.

Canada’s global reputation of cold and ice is an enduring image. So too is Canadians know-how of fun in the cold. Maybe the ultimate Canada 150 lasting legacy is the universal understanding of the warmth which Canadians embrace and accept others is what matters most.

Canada 150 lasting legacy is the warmth of welcome to newcomers and visitorsIf you happen to be in Ottawa, partake in an outdoor skate. Or watch the spectacular winter display of fireworks on Parliament Hill to close out the year. You will be warmed by these enduring legacies of Canada 150.

And now, Trimtag will turn our attention to a new theme for 2018 and beyond. We have called it “The Poppy Project”.  As Remembrance Day approaches, our vision is a way to contribute a lasting legacy…