Take the Canada 150 Day Trimtag Trivia Quiz

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Canada Day celebrating Canada 150 with a new Trimtag Trivia Quiz free and fun for allO Canada, we are just a few days away from the great big Canada 150 birthday bash. Have you lined up your plans for the long weekend?  Ready to dive into a lake, paddle a canoe or camp in the woods? Maybe you will attend a community event, or visit one of our historic places? Or, just relax with friends and family for a backyard BBQ, then take in a fireworks display.

Everyone, we’re pretty sure, will want to play our just-released Canada 150 Trimtag Trivia Quiz.

Game Changer

Calling all Canadians (and anyone else who is up for the challenge): We invite you to play the brand new Canada 150 Trimtag Trivia Quiz! Inspired by Chris Haney and Scott Abbott the beer-drinking photographer and sports journalist who created Trivial Pursuit back in 1979, we made one up. Gather ’round. It’s free and fun for all ages. If you have been following our Brandspotting blog journey across Canada, you will have home ice advantage.

Play The Canada 150 Trimtag Trivia Quiz

Test your knowledge of all that is unique and special about Canada. Take our Trivia Quiz today. Amaze your friends! Start a conversation! You could win….um, bragging rights! (as long as you are humble about it, eh?) Have fun. Play safe. Answers to the Trivia Quiz will be posted on Canada Day!

Rules: None
Except we will know you are a real Canadian if you can answer the Trimtag Trivia Quiz questions without assistance from Americans named Google or Siri.

Science & Nature:

SickKids and University of Toronto map the beaver; Trimtag Trivia Quiz category: Science & Naturec

What animal is getting help to migrate to Nova Scotia?
What is the name of the cultivar the NRC developed?
What type of apple was found in Dundela, Ontario?
What is the fastest growing segment of alcohol ?
What iconic Canadian brand grew from a close association with beavers and Algonquin Park?
What did a Toronto chemist add to soda water in 1890? Bonus, what is the brand name?
What fauna did Napoleon choose as his symbol?
What did a genetic research team from University of Toronto and SickKids do this year?
What delicious treats do Canadians make out of sugar, salt, lard and flour?
What transportation company put the beaver back on its logo?
What will be counted on the Polar Prince?
How many UNESCO World Heritage sites in Canada will the C3 Expedition visit?
What green energy company is sponsoring the C3 Expedition?


Confederation Bridge; Trimtag Trivia Quiz: Geography category

How many kilometres is it from Cape Spear, NL to Mount St. Elias, YK?
In what city was the Mounties first outpost, called Fort Whoop Up?
Where is the Chignecto Isthmus?
In what Saskatchewan town is the largest canola refinery in North America?
Where will the famous RCMP Musical Ride be on Canada Day 2017?
Which company named Canada as the #1 travel destination in the world for 2017?
Which government agency helps you livestream an aurora borealis?
In what Canadian city would you find a volunteer group of snow angels?
What is Winnipeg‘s persistent nickname?
What Quebec town shares the same name as winter boots?
What is the symbol of Parks Canada?
Where is the Confederation Bridge?
Where is the Canadian Canoe Museum?
Where is the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum?
Where is the Canada C3Expedition going?
What Royal Canadian Navy vessel can Canadians board in Toronto on Canada Day? Bonus points if you can name its class too.


Certified orginal image of Canada BNA Act of 1867 Trimtag Trivia Quiz: History category

What was Ottawa called before Queen Victoria name it the capital of Canada?
What brewery had to relocate after the 1917 Halifax Explosion?
What house does Canada’s Governor General live in?
What is placed on the ceremonial red table at the Firefighter’s Memorial every September 11?
What did King Charles grant his cousin, Prince Rupert, in 1670?
What do the points on a Hudson Bay point blanket signify?
Name the tartans of Canada’s two oldest military regiments.
In what year was Canada’s official Maple Leaf Tartan designed?
Is there an official Canadian plaid?
Where is Hill 70?
Who wrote the poem In Flanders Fields? Bonus points if you know when and where.
Which French explorer first arrived where the Richelieu and St. Lawrence rivers meet?
What does couriers de bois mean in English?
Who gave royal ascent to the British North America Act on March 29, 1867?
What did Martin Frobisher bring back from Canada when he returned to England in 1578?
When was NAFTA signed by Canada, the United States and Mexico? Bonus points if you can name who signed for each country.
What does CETA stand for?
What was The Last Spike? Bonus points if you know where and when it happened.
What did Sir John A. MacDonald promise British Columbia?
What iconic WWII airplanes have been restored and are currently flying?
One hundred years ago, what WWI battle was fought and won by Canadians?
Approximately how many names of Canadian WWI casualties are engraved on monuments?
Who cast off the Polar Prince to begin its 150 day mission from the Toronto harbour?
What did Gord Downie ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do at a concert?


What teams played in the outdoor Centennial Classic? Bonus points if you know who won. Extra bonus points if you know who scored the winning goal and the final score.
Which NHL team is the most valuable brand? Bonus points for correctly stating its Canadian $ value.
What was the original name of the Saskatchewan Roughriders? Bonus points for number of times they have won the Grey Cup.
What sports team is referred to as the ‘Habs‘? Bonus points if you can name the last time they won the league’s top trophy.
What are the full names of the original six?

Arts & Culture:

Rideau Hall official Governor General of Canada's residence Trimtag Trivia QuizWhat famous Canadian has a statue in the Fountain of Hope?
Who is known as the Godmother of Beer?
What insignia does His Exellency the Right Honourable David Johnston wear around his neck?
Name the artist who created the sculpture for the Canadian Firefighter’s Memorial?
What sports team ran a design contest with CAFA, the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards?
What is the name of the Aboriginal owned footwear brand based in Winnipeg?
What are traditional mukluks made from?  Bonus: what additional materials are used now?
What skills program ran this year by the Bata Shoe Museum? Bonus who founded the museum?
Which shade has been named the Colour of the Year for 2017?
What does ‘qanik‘ mean in Nunavik dialect?
What do we call Canadians who migrate south at the first sign of winter?
What museum opened in 2014 in Winnipeg?
What is the mid-winter festival called in Quebec?
What does the Algonquin word “adawe” mean? Bonus points for the city name derived from it.
Which Canadian designers created the new livery and uniforms for Air Canada?
How tall are the limestone sculptures at Vimy Ridge?
Who published the Dictionary of Canadianisms?
Where does the French word ‘habitant‘ come from?
What is the occupation of Canada’s top cultural exports? Bonus points if you can name two.
How do Canadians pronounce the last letter of the alphabet?
What company fooled around with re-branding themselves as the “Most Canadian“?
Who is the other person part of the Chanie Wenjack Fund ?
What Canadian publication dared to compare a duck to the Royal Canadian Navy ships?
What is the English version of the motto of the HMCS Ville de Quebec?
What did an estimated 11.5 million Canadians watch or listen to on August 20, 2016?
What is the Secret Path illustrated book and movie about?
Besides a song, what is Ahead by a Century?

Thank you for playing the Canada 150 Trimtag Trivia Quiz!

While this has been fun, we encourage you to take time out on July 1, 2017. Pause to reflect on what Canada has in abundance. A vast, diverse and beautiful land and people. All of it is what makes Canada, Canada. Nothing like it in the world, and the future is a spectacular view from here.

Happy Canada 150 Day!