Canadian Firefighters Remember

We remember and honour Canadian firefighters on September 11 Over 1,100 Canadian firefighters have lost their lives serving Canada. Every day, courageous firefighters put their lives at risk to fight fires, like the massive one in Fort McMurray. Sometimes when…

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We remember In Flanders Fields turns 100

WHO: John McCrae, Canadian doctor, veteran and author of In Flanders Fields 100 years agoWHY WE LIKE THIS BRAND: We remember. Veterans are not a brand, they are real heroes who stand on guard and sacrifice for all and country.…

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Kingston Police Coin Commemorates 175 Years

WHO: Kingston Police In 2016, the Kingston Police will be 175 years old. To commemorate this anniversary, the Kingston Police commissioned a special souvenir coin developed by Trimtag’s Insignia division. Earlier this year, the Kingston Police made the 175th anniversary…

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