TrimTag supplied extra large vehicle magnets for Durham Region EMS ambulance to symbolize their support for PRIDE Month

Proud to supply PRIDE Month symbols to First Responders

TrimTag helps First Responders show their colours during PRIDE Month First Responder agencies are actively participating in PRIDE Month and looking for ways of showing their support with colours and symbols. Paramedics, police and public agencies including Region of Durham…

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Emergency preparedness experts urge action

National Emergency Preparedness Week is on now. Are you ready for anything? That is the urgent question our first responder clients are asking us again. Serving at the forefront of emergency response, local, regional, provincial governments and federal agencies are the…

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Make quick plans for a way out helps you navigate the London Underground

Making plans for a way out

Is the pandemic over? No, but we are making plans for a way out. Deep down in the London Underground subway system, there are “Way Out” signs directing you. Follow them, and eventually you resurface. With our lives subject to…

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Remembrance Day reminder to change your tires for road safety sake

Recognizing service on Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is for recognizing service and sacrifice. As time goes by, the connections to our World War veterans on November 11 are increasingly distant for many Canadians. Aiming to connect with younger generations, Veterans Affairs Canada has focused a…

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TrimTag creates better reflective billboards for first responder uniform rain gear

Sticky solution for better reflective billboards

Case Study: TrimTag creates a sticky solution for better reflective billboards for uniformsProduct:    Reflective billboard patches for high visibility uniforms It’s been raining a lot. And getting darker by the day. No matter the weather, Police, fire, EMS are out…

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