Be Street Seen Visibility Project Launched

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Crisis spurs Trimtag to launch “Be Street Seen Visibility Project”
Be seen. Make a difference. Stop accidents from happening. That is the reasoning behind our new Be Street Seen Visibility Project.

An ounce of prevention

Be Seen inspired by Benjamin Franklin's famous piece of advice "An ounce of prevention"

Benjamin Franklin in London, 1767, wearing a blue suit with elaborate gold braid and buttons. Portrait by David Martin, displayed in the White House

Last year we enjoyed sharing some great stories and helping Canada 150 celebrations. Its time now to turn our energy to a new community project. Our goal? Add our expertise to help a good cause.

Inspiration for the project came to us from statesman, inventor, former firefighter and founding father of the United States, Benjamin Franklin:

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. — Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Gazette, 1735

Franklin famously wrote an article in the Pennsylvania Gazette to advise people on how to minimize the risk of fire in their home. He wrote as an “old citizen” to encourage people to take steps prevent fires from hot coal embers. An enlightened American leader, the folksy advisor was also a foreign diplomat and one-time firefighter. Among his many contributions to the founding of America, Franklin is credited with establishing the first volunteer firefighting crew in Philadelphia.

Prevention is  our worthy cause
So many charitable organizations across Canada do great things and need support. We decided our new project had to do three things:

  1. Make a difference in everyday lives of Canadians
  2. Use our expertise to do good
  3. Help advance the cause by making it more visible

We think preventing catastrophe in the first place fits with our company’s Insignia work with first responders – EMS, fire and police. We are inspired to work with organizations like Me to We and admire how well they communicate about causes. To reach the most people, it makes sense for us to be active where it matters to Canadians: close to home.

Goals of the Be Street Seen Visibility Project

Public Health Agency of Canada report spurs Trimtag Be Street Seen Visibility Project

Make a difference in everyday lives

Crossing the street is something everyone does yet it is increasingly dangerous. There is evidence our most vulnerable in society are most at risk: kids and elderly in particular. Recent reports in the news, and grim statistics back this up:

From 1990 – 2009,  there were 18,542 injuries to cyclists and pedestrians injured in a collision with a motor vehicle… most frequent was being struck while crossing a street or intersection. — Public Health Agency of Canada, Injury in Review, 2012.

The scope, cost and impact of injuries are massive yet underfunded in relation to their impact. Injuries are the leading cause of death for Canadians aged 1-44 and affect just as many individuals and their families, or more, than some of our deadliest diseases. Most “accidents” are not accidents at all, but are predictable and preventable events. –Parachute Canada, 2016 report

Key words for us: kids, predictable and preventable – all sunk in. Our Be Street Seen Visibility Project could help the things most dear to us. Next, we thought about how we can apply our expertise to help reduce incidents.

Trimtag Be Street Seen Project aimed at prevention and inspired by youth leaders like Me To WeApply our identification expertise
Know-how to create elements to identify organizations and their people is one of our strengths. Large and small, public, private or not-for-profit: we make items like skills achievement badges for youth organizations, uniform patches for municipal agencies, and all sorts of creative custom apparel trims or brand identity items for businesses.

Every project we do commands our attention to the smallest detail. Delivering the high-quality and high visibility products our customers ask for is what we do every day. That is the identification expertise we bring to the table.

Technical advances are key

We know how to design and produce high-visibility items. We source the latest in new reflective materials, inks and finishes. That is how our police patch in daytime is clearly visible from a distance. At night, the same patch becomes illuminated, even with only a small amount of light from streetlight or car headlights.

Adding such technical advances can make a product literally glow. We know how to create simple items with reflective technology can go a long way to prevent accidents from happening. Our Be Street Seen Project can be like a flashing beam of light switched on at the right moment.

Make some noise
Mass appeal helps communicate messages and build awareness. Beyond literal visibility of our Be Street Seen Project items, we know they can also act as loudspeakers to amplify awareness.

To create mass appeal, we know items have to be small, easy to distribute, easy to apply in a variety of ways. They must be affordable. Design is key. There’s no point in making things that never get out of a drawer. If we create items which people like and want to ‘be seen’ in – they are more likely to be actually worn. The more wearable, the more they will be seen by more people. And being seen is key for any cause to make some noise.

Ultimately our Be Seen Visibility Project will succeed if we can work with all types of organizations across Canada and make everyone more visible. It all adds up:

partners + technology + design + likes + wear = Be Street Seen

That is how Trimtag did the math. We realized our small company is perfectly positioned to make little things which get noticed and do a lot of good preventing bad stuff from happening.

Inspired to make a difference
So that is the story of how Trimtag came to create our own Be Street Seen Visibility Project. We hope to see results happen in the communities where we live. Our vision is to work with other organizations and make a difference right across the country.

It is even better, louder, more effective when we work together. We invite you to join us.

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