Detail of stork carrying a baby on the Ottawa Fire Service custom family coin
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Announcing a custom Family Coin for Ottawa Fire Services

TrimTag is excited in sharing some much needed very good news: a custom Family Coin we created for Ottawa Fire Services members has arrived!

Babies are as welcome as early signs of spring. And so we are delighted this custom Family Coin can begin helping the service members in welcoming the littlest ones into their fire family. This is no birds and bees story, it is a case study in how we took an idea from the Chief, and created a custom family coin with the Ottawa Fire Service insignia on one side and a stork carrying a baby on the other.

How did it come to be?

Birth of a new coin: welcome to the family

Chief Paul Hutt, courtesy Ottawa Fire Services

Members of the Ottawa Fire Services are a tight-knit family. Every day and in every division of the Fire Service — from suppression, communications, prevention, maintenance, air management, training and safety — the work they do serving their communities is put to the test.

To do this job, every fire service member is highly trained for rapid response. Following a command structure, using resources to deploy specialized equipment and personnel with skill, precision and efficiency is a must. You cannot do this well without human cohesion.

Firefighters know each other. They respect, protect and care for each other while working and in everyday life. Fire Services also are very caring and supportive of the family members around them because they know it is necessary. This is essential to the health and well-being of the individual, their unit and the entire service.

The new Ottawa Fire Services Chief, Paul Hutt (@ChiefHutt) wanted to extend this support to when one of their own is expecting a new family member. That was when the idea of a custom family coin was born.

Our member’s families play such an integral role of supporting them throughout their career. Having that support at home in a career in emergency services is crucial for the overall well-being of our members. For that, the Fire Services considers any member of our families an extension of our fire family.

Chief Paul Hutt, Ottawa Fire Services

Custom family coin development and due dates

TrimTag got to work with the Ottawa Fire Services in developing initial concepts for the artwork to appear on a custom coin. The idea was to use the proverbial stork carrying an infant in the design.

Starting with basic clip art as reference, TrimTag began developing better designs. We knew they must be reproducible on the face of a small coin. Our know-how is in refining an image, ensuring it will be visually strong. Adding colour to the coin is an extra touch that makes the final result even better. We take care to ensure the legibility of the official insignia and values: “Serving Together. Standing Together. Working Together.”

As with any expectant parent, due dates are important. Ottawa Fire Services set one for us. While we got to work producing them, a delivery date allowed time for planning the introduction of the family coin to members.

Smooth delivery

As anyone nervously anticipating a new birth or adoption of a child, a healthy arrival is top priority. We are no different than expectant parents because we take great care to ensure the safe and healthy on-time arrival of all our custom insignia orders.

And so, delivering the family coin to the Ottawa Fire Services is just as important as the coin itself.

“My experience working with Basil from TrimTag was extremely positive. He was patient in the process to make sure the vision of the coin was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Basil was professional, efficient and I hope to work with him again in the future.”

— Chief Paul Hutt, Ottawa Fire Services

More babies on the way

Spring is symbolic of hope and re-birth. We are delighted to have brought the Ottawa Fire Services family coin to life. Congratulations to Chief Hutt, and all new arrivals to the greater Ottawa Fire Services extended family!

TrimTag welcomes the opportunity to create a custom coin to support your members for service for special occasions. From this case study, you can see it only takes an idea and a quick call to TrimTag. We will help you in creating a custom coin for your upcoming campaigns and programs.