A glowing review for a safer Halloween

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Nissan Glow Guards Halloween road safety

Watch: Glow Guards Halloween pedestrian safety campaign, courtesy Nissan Canada Inc.

Dark and scary Halloween costumes can sacrifice safety in order to be spooky. Are your kids (and you) excited for trick-or-treating? Have you figured out the costumes yet? We can’t wait for Halloween too, but we also know a dark October night can be super scary for pedestrian road safety.

In pursuit of treats, kids race from house to house and forget to look before they cross a street. Parents and watchful caregivers are pretty good at keeping them safe, but the novelty of dress-up and lure of chasing candy can make it hard to control their charges.

Get your Halloween Glow Guards from Nissan Canada

That is why we give Nissan Canada Inc. a glowing review for leadership on Halloween road safety. They just launched a Glow Guards” Halloween safety marketing campaign. They are giving away free reflective stickers to affix to children’s costumes.

Apply Glow Guards reflective tape to improve visibility on Halloween costumes

Courtesy Nissan Canada

You can pick them up at any one of more than 200 independent Nissan dealerships across Canada.

Visibility is something we know can help prevent terrifying collisions with the most vulnerable on our roads. We couldn’t agree more with the motivation and the message behind the new Nissan Canada campaign.

Be ready for the witching hour

Dressing up in costumes and decorating your house with pumpkins and all kinds of ghoulish kitsch is a favourite fall event to look forward to for most Canadians. Some people even like to play tricks on the trick-or-treaters and give them a fright as they approach the door.

But the scariest thing about Halloween might be statistics on road safety.

Nissan looked into a Canadian led study published by JAMA Pediatrics, and found some frightful data about the increased pedestrian risks on Halloween, especially for younger children. They found a 43 per cent spike of incidents on Halloween due to higher foot traffic on streets, and decreased visibility conditions.

The wicked ‘witching hours’ begin around 6:00 pm as children head out.

This may be one day you ask your boss for the afternoon off, leave early or work from home to avoid the evening rush. If you are the boss, may we suggest you make that the Halloween treat for your employees. And drivers, if you are out after dark on Halloween, please SLOW DOWN, and be extra watchful for ghosts, and young pedestrians.

Go out on Halloween to see and be seen

It’s all in good fun, so get dressed up and go out in your neighbourhood on Halloween. But we join Nissan Canada in urging everyone out on October 31st to Be Alert.

Be sure to make or choose children’s costumes so they can see, and be seen. Carry a flashlight, use reflective tape or LED lights on costumes. Find a way to add some reflective elements to help motorists see them better.

Make this a Happy Halloween!

Be Alert and be visible every night

After all the dress-up, parties and stomach aches are over, we want to urge everyone to think about how you can improve your visibility every night. Prevention is the way to avoid the nightmare of a collision because someone could not be seen. That is why we created our own child-friendly stickers, patches, and Be Alert products.

For dentists, delivery companies and other corporate leaders who share our concern for pedestrian and road safety, get in touch so we can create your own custom reflective program for Halloween, Back to School, or any time of year. Our Be Alert program aims to encourage awareness and active attention to road safety, especially for the most vulnerable road users: children, pedestrians and cyclists.