We are all in for SickKids VS

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SickKids VS : All In campaign

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It’s a fight. Every single day. For patients, family and staff. And, they need your help. That is the bold message in the extraordinary SickKids VS campaign.

Battling against childhood illness happens on many levels, every day at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

All In for rebuilding SickKids
Fundraising by SickKids Foundation is critical to sustaining what the hospital does. It also urgently needs $1.3 billion to rebuild the hospital on University Avenue.

Launched this fall, “All In” is a new part of the SickKids VS campaign which enlisted an army of 200 kids —actual patient siblings and ambassadors— racing to help. They gather construction materials to the famous tune from the musical, Oliver, “I’d do anything for you”. Along the way, some fall, are injured, they help each other and eventually end up in front of patients. Symbolically one brick is placed in front of the crowd.

You can’t practice 21st century medicine in a 1949 building— Ted Garrard, SickKids Foundation CEO, told CBC Radio’s Here and Now.

SickKids newest building is 25 years old, floors are not able to handle the weight of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and ceilings are too low to accommodate robotic technology. The neonatal intensive care unit needs private spaces for families, children in the bone marrow transplant isolation unit don’t have rooms to play when some of their stays last for six months or a year.

It is the largest fundraising campaign in Canadian health care history. Construction will take 10 years and will happen in phases. What SickKids does every day will continue without interruption.

SickKids VS the greatest challenges in child health
“All In” is a continuation of the SickKids VS campaign. Showing the fight as real and fierce began in 2016. Filmed with medical staff, patients and their families who all agreed to take part. The campaign is meant to show how fierce they are, and to jolt the viewer into taking action.

SickKids battles against childhood illness by attracting the best medical minds in the world to do research. They have found cures for some of the most challenging and rare childhood illnesses. Combined with patient care and education, SickKids is recognized as a world-leading institution where advancements in science and technology present an unprecedented opportunity to change lives of children and their families.

SickKids needs a modern hospital facility to continue the fight. Lives depend on SickKids. Join the fight. We did.

And if that is not reason enough, SickKids tugs at heartstrings even more during the holidays with “Missing Home”.

SickKids: Missing Home