Distracted Driving

What is the cost of new distracted driving law in Ontario? How can we break the habit of phone dependency while driving? The New Year has arrived along with raised fines and more awareness of new [...]

Road guide lines

Painted pavement has been used for years to help motorists see what’s up ahead. Road guide lines help them stay in their lane. See where the center and shoulder are. Know where to stop, or [...]

Zero is the Goal

One is too many. Zero is the goal. We are talking about lives injured or lost, especially when its preventable. Our vision is to help stop it from happening In the news of late are some awful [...]

Be Safe This Holiday

WHO: MADD Canada WHY WE LIKE THIS BRAND: They save lives and remind us to be safe this holiday season. MADD Canada has launched a new national campaign called Project Red Ribbon.  It asks [...]