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Transfer Types

Trimtag develops custom transfers using a variety of materials. From transfers that sparkle to a range of tactile options, we can develop a transfer to meet your specific needs.

Rhinestone / Metal Heads

These are individual stones or metal heads that are placed on a template to create a specific design or pattern.


These are small metallic disks that come in many different colours and can be used on their own or added to an embroidered appliqué for effect.

Foil / Holofoil

Foil is a metallic material that can be die cut to any design. Holofoil uses small foil dots to create the desired image.

Crystal Beads

These are tiny clear beads that are adhered to a colour backing. The design shows through the beads creating a three-dimensional effect.


This material has a soft hand feel and comes in a variety of colours. The flock is die cut to your specific design and can be embossed to create a raised effect.


Each design is stitched onto a cloth backing. Sequins and beads can be added for effect.