Inside and out, every small detail goes into making a successful and recognizable apparel brand. You design your product. We help you add the finishing touches: customize labels, branded trims and packaging. On every product, we help you create just the right way to convey to your customers exactly what your brand’s style is.

Woven & Printed Labels
Hangtags & Product Packaging
Branded Trims

Your Story

We help fashion and apparel brands to develop an identifiable signature style. From the cost-conscious to the couture level, we work with all levels of the apparel and retail sector to create customized branded trims, labels, tags and packaging. We help you tell your brand story.

Creative & Customized

We generate innovative ideas and give you options on how your brand can look in different materials while maintaining consistency. We often can find cost-saving opportunities and pass them on to you.

Our Chic Clients

We work with all different types and sizes of apparel brands and retailers: from internationally famous brand names, to affordable private-label basics, to the next new designer. We only do custom: labels, tags, trims and packaging and work for the most desirable clothing brands you would want in your closet.

We want to be your preferred supplier of custom identification products.

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About Trimtag

We are a supplier of customized identification and branded elements used for uniforms insignia, corporate identity and apparel industries. We focus on getting every detail right and working with clients to create just the right look…


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